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You're kicking butt & taking names in your business. You regularly hit multiple 5 figure months but you know that you're just getting started. 

There's a whole lot of good that you want to do in this world, but you don't quite know how to. YET.


You're ready to make more money, feel Equipped & Empowered with your business finances, never have to stress about money ever again, & live the life that you've been dreaming of.


You became an entrepreneur because you wanted to do a lot  of good on this planet – but you're feeling stuck with your income & confused about your finances. You're overworked & don't know how to up-level your income without completely running yourself into the ground.


You're ready to get down to business – you're ready to learn how to make more money & manage your business finances. You're ready for your best year yet – and for it to be easier than ever before!

You're running a successful business but: 

Sure, you're running your own successful business but you're overwhelmed & at the end of the long day, you look back & wonder where the day went. You still have a massive to-do list but your kids need you & your hubby is wondering when you're getting off of work. 


 >> You were working late again last night (during date night...) 


>> You're always putting yourself last & wondering...when did I last eat?


>> You're always confused when it comes to your finances. Thinking, "Did I save enough for taxes this year?"


>> You are feeling burnt out & you're constantly exhausted. Giving the last bit of energy to your family & then crashing at the end of every night.

>> Your money is going mostly towards the business & you don't have the money to pay yourself.

>> When the slow seasons hit, you always stress & worry about your finances.

>> & debt is starting to pile up.

>> Oh, & the cherry on top? You're constantly in money fights with your hubby. 

Let me tell you about my journey...

Not too long ago, my husband & I were $225,000 in debt. 

We were constantly fighting about our finances. Always stressing about money feeling like we were putting our dreams on hold when we would go and visit family because it was an expense we didn't plan for. 

I was working 12+ hours a day 7 days a week in order to pay off our debt. My husband was doing the same. Both of us working multiple jobs & only having one night a week where we would share a meal & spend time together.

The business finances weren't any better. 

I was constantly running out of  money to pay myself at the end of the month, I made a big tax error and we ended up owing the IRS $4,000 dollars. That was money I didn't have.

Because, I didn't have a savings fund or an emergency fund – I wasn't prepared.

Nor was I putting money aside for taxes. Meaning I was bound to repeat the same errors. 

It was a mess.

We were overwhelmed & overworked in just about every area of life was taking a hit.

– & Then something changed –

I knew it didn't have to be this way. I knew that God didn't make me an entrepreneur just to struggle to make ends meet. Never reaching our goals & constantly being on edge and stressing about finances. 

I knew that there was something more for me out there – 

>> That my husband and I could spend time together

>> I could cook healthy meals instead of grabbing something on the way home (again) 

>> We didn't have to work 80+ hours a week to make our dreams of financial freedom come true

>> That we could get on the same page with finances & stop fighting

>> That owning a business didn't have to be so. dang. hard!
>> That we could tithe the full 10% and not have to worry about how we were going to pay down debt

I made big shifts in my life – took control of my thinking/worry/panic mode about money & started to take care of myself again. Meaning working out regularly, reading the bible more, & eating healthy!

I started to listen to what God had for my life again. 

I started to take control of my income & my business finances. 

I got on the same page with my husband about our personal finances & we decided to trust in God again – tithing the full 10%. 

We've now paid off over $120,000 – in 2.5 years! 

We're spending quality time together again & rekindling that deep connection again. 

I'm cooking healthy meals for myself & my hubby. 


Turns out that you can gain control of your finances, make more money, follow your dreams, & love your life again.

Oh, & work less too!

What's included in this 6 month program? 

>> Private calls every other week (13 total) with me where we'll go over specific topics each week keeping you on

    track to earning more income, setting up business processes that run your business while you 

    sleep, & so so so much more!

>> Weekly videos with workbooks that support you during this journey (released one  week at a time)

>> Unlimited Marco Polo access during our time together

>> Access to any courses, memberships, or programs that I run during our time together

>> Guest expert interviews on taxes, retirement, and personal finance

Ready for a serious transformation?

>> Up-level income without increasing hours worked

>> Feel Equipped & Empowered to manage your business finances

>> Overcome any mental roadblocks that you have about money

>> Feel confident about your income, business, & your finances

>> Ditch money stress – it's a thing of the past!

>> Create a business that runs on autopilot while you sleep or are on vacation!
>> & much much more!

If you know you're ready, fill out the application below! 

This is for you if....

>>  You're ready to make serious change in your life

>>  You commit to this process FULLY

>> You want to make more money in your business

     without the hustle & grind

>> You understand the power of mentorship 

>> You're ready to achieve your dreams & to give

     like never before


This is not for you if....

>> You're not ready or not in a position to invest

     in yourself...yet

>> You don't have big goals for your future 

>> You don't see the point in bringing God into

     the conversation of growing a business

>> You can't commit to 2-3 hours of work a week


Making a big investment can be terrifying. Especially when you don't feel like you have a handle on your finances. 

I don't want to convince you to purchase from me. If you're not ready. You're not ready. And that's ok. 

But if you're on the fence about making this commitment – 
Ask yourself, "where will I be in 6 months if I choose not to work with Ashlee?"


If your answer is "the same place I am right now" then it's probably time that you invested into a program that serves you and supports you right where you're at. 

When you choose to invest – these are the moments that God steps into. 

By choosing to better your relationship with Christ, yourself, and your business – I have a feeling that amazing things  are about to happen in your life and that it only gets better from here.

Trust me. 

I've witnessed it in my own life. 

Oh, like going from a consistent 9 to 5 job & then just cold quitting & taking the leap into entrepreneurship fully. 

Without having any clients. YET. 

But God is a miracle worker & He does good work. 

Just allow Him to lead you & guide your next steps.

I know you can do this. 


One last thing

Your investment

$9,997 PAY IN FULL


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