I'm Ashlee – Certified Financial Coach.

I help couples get on the same page with finances and achieve financial goals faster than ever before.

I love helping couples create healthy money conversations while setting big goals for themselves and then following through and actually hitting those goals! 

I'm a big believer in living life to the fullest, however that might look for you! Maybe you want to live in a van and travel the country, maybe you want to retire at 45, maybe you want to become financially independent before you hit 35. Whatever your goals may be, I want you to reach them all without sacrificing happiness in the process. 

I created a free training that's going to help you do just that. 


It wasn't always this easy for us...

We started our marriage with $225,000 in debt. Only working part time jobs, going to college full time, and barely old enough to legally drink.


It all started when two people fell in love, as most stories go. I met my prince in shining armor, he swept me off my feet, and we rode off into the sunset living a gloriously perfect life....

But, that's not exactly how it happened. I met my husband, we did fall in love and get married, but that last part of riding off into the sunset...that part just didn't happen for us. (Side note: have you ever priced out that lifestyle? It's expensive!) As it turns out, my prince in shining armor had taken out $175,000 in student loan debt and we literally couldn't afford to ride off into the sunset. Along with my student loans of around $21,000 and an emotional decision to purchase a brand new car for $29,000.  We started our marriage with over $225,000 in debt. 

We didn't know where to start. We were overwhelmed, stressed, and money fights were constant. 

We had Mount Everest in student loan debt, but only a pickax to conquer it. We simply didn't know where to start, especially when our interest rate was so high that only half of our payment was going to the principal and the rest we were flushing down the toilet.

I asked myself..."how can we pay off debt faster and enjoy living our life in the process?"

From this question, I created a different approach. This approach allowed us to get on the same page with our finances, pay off debt faster, and make major progress towards those goals of riding off into the sunset.

As of today, we've paid off over $163,000 in debt and $100,000 of that has been in the last 3 years. We're completely normal people making an average amount of income every month. We're not brain surgeons.

We've learned how to live below our means, how to bring in extra income without overworking ourselves, and how to get on board as a team to tackle our Mount Everest. 

Now I help other couples reach their financial goals without sacrificing happiness utilizing the Financial Goals Framework which completely changed our life and is now changing countless other lives.


Discover how to reach your financial goals as a team without sacrificing FUN in the process.

Ready to unlearn financial mindsets that no longer serve you?

What's life if you're barely making ends meet or sacrificing all your fun to hit your financial goals? 

I'm going to share a little secret with you – financial goals are like running a marathon, not a sprint. You can give it your all for the first mile of the marathon, but you're going to burn out wayyy before you reach the half way mark. 

Financial guru's telling you that you have to sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice don't know what they're talking about because they don't understand human psychology. Could you hit financial goals faster if you cut allll fun from your budget? Yes. But chances are you're going to burn out and burn out fast causing a quick backslide that might even put you right back to where you started. Let's stop hustling and start enjoying every part of your life – yes, even before you hit those financial goals. 

Fast Facts...




I'm Obsessed with...


Quiet slow mornings filled with reading, chai tea, and lots of dog cuddles. 

When the weather starts to change in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona – you can catch me outside in our garden planting seeds, prepping the soil, and soaking up ever minute of our short growing season.

Another fond obsession of mine is landscape painting. I joke with my family and friends that I'm left brained and right brained – I like to use all of it!

I am completely totally and irrevocably obsessed with helping couples reach their financial goals because when they do they can have the capacity to help more people and change their family trees. That's what this is all about.

"Meeting Ashlee to go over financial information literally changed our entire perspective. Before we met, we were feeling so unorganized and honestly a little embarrassed. Ashlee immediately put us at ease! She helped us put things into perspective, feel more organized, and gave us tangible steps to take to move forward. Ashlee is not only kind and understanding, but she is also so incredibly knowledgeable and also organized when it comes to explaining next steps to take."

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Grad Student & University Employee

Ready to Reach your Financial Goals Without Sacrificing Happiness?

If you're ready to get on the same page with your spouse so that you accomplish financial goals faster than ever before, you don't want to miss this free training.


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