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hey, I'm Ashlee

Millennial Money Coach 

I believe that every woman can become equipped & empowered with her finances, break the chains of debt, & gain the freedom to  effortlessly walk out her mission & purpose – all while being outrageously generous & making a positive impact on the world. 

Around here I'll share my best tools & tips to help you pay off debt, gain control of your finances, & utilize your income to achieve your wildest dreams. 


I'm a big fan of living authentically, being kind, & Jesus. When I'm not at the computer, you'll find me out in my garden, tending to my chickens, & dreaming of starting my own farm one day. 

how to work with Ashlee directly...

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Private Coaching

You know you just need a little bit of direction and support while you get your finances under control. 

To apply for 1:1 coaching, email: 

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Millennial Money Academy

Learn how to pay off debt and get ahead with money. The Millennial Money Academy will teach you the exact process to, finally, win with money. 

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Or you can start learning from one these ebooks...

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Side Hustle Playbook

Do you have financial goals and you know your current income wont get you there?


This playbook is everything that you need to know to find a side hustle and earn extra income to achieve your financial goals!

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Negotiate Confidently Handbook

This digital Negotiate Confidently Handbook will teach you how to save thousands, negotiate a raise, & much more!

37 negotiation ideas, tips and scripts that will walk you through saving thousands every year.

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Guide to Pay Off Debt & Gain Financial Freedom

You'll learn the exact steps that we used to pay off $130,000 in 4 years.

Print out at and read it at home. This step by step guide will the simplest solution to gaining financial freedom and reaching your financial goals!

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