Defining Success for You

Did you know that everyone's definition of success is different? For some, it might be owning a Lamborghini and living in a mansion, for others it’s to be a stay at home mom and manage the chaos.

Everyone's definition of success looks different, so why are we using social media and movies to define success for us? Did you know that people are more unhappy today than 50 years ago despite the fact that we now live longer, have access to more amenities like medical care, the internet, etc. We can travel easier than ever before – but, as a whole, our society is still unhappy.

I think it’s because of several reasons –

  1. Increase use of social media and advertisements

  2. Increase in expectations

  3. Increase in complexity of “living” and pressures from external forces

  4. Pressure to be “happy” all the time