Establishing a Gratitude Practice

If you were to ask me what the one thing I would recommend that you do as a business owner – I would tell you to start a practice of gratitude.

We just sold a brand new 2020 Subaru back to the dealership and walked away with an older car that’s really loud when we drive it down the road.

We live in a barn that doesn’t have AC or central heat.

I could stop right there and leave all those negatives just hanging out.

But, what you don’t know is that I started a business 5 months ago and had my best month ever last month and I created and am launching a course this month.

That my hubby and I have paid off over $120,000 now. That we sold our brand new Subaru back to the dealership because that’s what allowed us to have the financial freedom to quit my full time job and focus on entrepreneurship full time.

That the barn that we live in we were able to custom design and build it so it fits us and our personalities, we can have two dogs, a cat, and 14 chickens without paying extra for rent. PLUS, we also have a garden.

I could’ve stuck with the negatives and left it as is. But, because I’ve shifted my perspective, I’ve been able to see things in a positive light and live with that knowledge. The same can happen for you in your life and business. Here’s 3 steps that I do daily to maintain a biblical & healthy positive mindset:

  1. Be in the word – I recommend every morning, but you do you! Whatever works best for your schedule.

  2. Pray – Prayer looks different for everyone. I mostly have a conversation with God throughout my day. It's not really devoted time bowing my head but I just talk with Him.

  3. Write down three things that you’re grateful for today – do this on a DAILY basis to establish a positive mindset and shift your perspective.

  4. Bonus – journal to God in prayer form. I’m telling you. This is amazing to journal and write out your prayers with specific dates attached and to see when God answers prayers and even seeing how He answered them differently then what you were expecting.

I'd love to hear how your practice of gratitude is going! What are you grateful for today?