How to Stick to your Monthly Spending Plan

When you can stick to your monthly spending plan, you can master your finances and master your life. These 6 steps will help you understand why financial spending plans are so important and why you need to get on, yesterday.

Why is it so important?

  1. Budgeting keeps you accountable

  2. Keeps you on track to hit financial goals – things that are really important to you like traveling, paying off debt, saving for a down payment on a house, etc.

  3. Helps reduce spending – gives you a raise and puts you in control of your money instead of it controlling you

  4. Keeps you from feeling overwhelmed

  5. Helps you to find financial contentment with where you’re at in life – keeping up with the Joneses is impossible especially in this day and age when we have access to seeing every minute of the lives of people like the Kardashian’s. We see how they live and wish to live their lives – who wouldn’t? But, when you focus back in on your own finances and let go of the desire to keep up with the Kardashians then you

  6. Helps you avoid or get out of debt – keeps you within your means so that you always own everything you have

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