My personal money journey

I'm so excited to share my very first podcast! It's a little rough around the edges, but the importance is not perfection – it's to just do it. Similarly with budgeting, you don't have to be perfect to start you just have to do it! In this episode, I talk about my personal money journey. Where I started and where we're at today. I get real and raw – and I don't hold anything back about the difficulties that my husband and I experienced with managing debt, what made us get on the same page, and how you can do that in your finances too! I fully believe that everyone that's listening to this podcast can gain financial freedom and that you can live your dream life!

"I want you to get focused on creating a vision. What is your vision after you pay off debt? Write that down and that's what's going to keep you on track and motivated!" - Ashlee Binderim

This week on Faithful Finance Podcast:

  • 1:20 – Where it all started

  • 3:13 – My debt total

  • 3:40 – My husband's debt

  • 6:05 – Where it all changed

  • 10:33 – Current debt total

  • 11:08 - I'm in this with you

  • 11:48 – Stay focused – Create a vision

  • 13:00 – What a financial coach does

  • 14:00 – Email me with any topic ideas (

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