Overcoming Limiting Beliefs as a Christian Business Owner

This is a topic that I could literally speak for days about because I’m so passionate about not placing limits on yourself, business, and God.

Placing limits on yourself could look like: 1. Negative self talk – saying things like I’ll never have that

2. Limiting beliefs that are holding you back from taking action – this manifests itself in forms of procrastination

3. Self sabotage – when you don’t follow through on your word because you lose hope

All of these can manifest in your life at the same time and can intermingle at the same time. When we recognize them we can change them.

We place these limits on ourselves because our brains are literally designed to protect us and keep us safe. So, when we want to try or do something new (like start a business), we are working against our human biology.

We encounter resistance in the form of negative self talk, limiting beliefs, and self sabotage.

In order to overcome these beliefs we first need to understand the calling that God has for our life and understand to the core of who you are that you were created by our heavenly Father who created the heavens and the earth. That same God created you – exactly as you are for a specific purpose. You are not an accident.

You are loved deeply.

You are meant to be here. You are meant to be more than what your limiting beliefs are trying to keep you safe from. I would highly encourage you to do some journaling work around this to identify your limiting beliefs and then put a stronger, more powerful, and TRUE belief in its place. An example of this would be to identify and write down a limiting belief that you have and then speak the word of God over that limiting belief. So, if your limiting belief is that you can’t become a millionaire because you grew up in poverty. You would speak truth over yourself in the form of scripture, like Proverbs 10:22 which says, “The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, without painful toil for it.”

God can choose to bless you with wealth regardless of how you grew up.

I do want to mention that the verse doesn’t mention that you don’t have to work. It says that you won't have to painfully toil to receive the wealth. Meaning you don’t have to hustle day in and day out for wealth.

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